Friday, July 31, 2009

Okay, what's up now?

It seems that the release of Zork hasn't brought up any huge malfunctions for people. I hold my breath for a week or to before I trust it to fly by itself.

Next week I'll start to extract the custom content for a massive upload to the Vault. First I decided to just put up the entire HAK and make some blueprints for it, but then I changed my mind and will extract just my own thing and put them in three different packs:

  • Lights prefab pack
  • Visual effects pack
  • Placeables pack
Later on I'll extract some of the more interesting areas (strip them of custom content) and release them as Area prefabs. I think the forest will be useful for those who are in need of a low performance forest.

Except for this I'll:
  1. Finish my new home office (I know it's been forever since I started)
  2. Finish our huge outdoor wooden deck before the winter comes
  3. Build a front porch
  4. Finish my adventurous children's book
I'll also do some secret NWN2 stuff that includes the tre T's - treasures, traps and thieves

Thanks for reading

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