Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm a crafting idiot!

While into confessing (read my last post) I have to admit that I've a really hard time with crafting in NWN2. It's too damn complicated and not so fun as I understand that lots of other players think. Especially when playing together with other. "Hey, you lousy wiz, stop fiddling with that bench! Let's go gnoll bashing instead!" or "What?! Is that all you could come up with? A short sword of eleven poo that glows...brown. Stop that crafting and let's get our hands bloody!"
Or I'm I only too low INT to get it?

Have a nice day everybody!



Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Crafting as it stands in the OC is too difficult (and expensive) to get to grips with (imo), but I believe I have brought the whole experience into a more acceptable level with the amendments I have made.

For a start, I have brought together all crafting information into one or two tomes that have a easy to follow content guide and are sorted according to level of ability and type, which means a player can see within a few clicks what they can or cannot craft and what everything they need to do it.

Next, I have made it so that all potential materials required will be made available or at least ensure the player knows how they can be obtained. There will be no confusion (hopefully) about what is required or how it must be used.

Third, as there are around three different systems, I have tried to amalgamate all three into one in such a way that while they still have different methods to work, that understanding one system makes it easier to understand another by using a common language where possible. E.g. Essences are now referred to as greater or lesser essences, and each is clearly explained when each is used.

Fourth, I have greatly reduced the costs involved, which means a player does not require a cart load of gold just to make a simple item. This took me a long time to balance, but I hope the final result works OK for most items. Cutting the costs means players will gain an advantage by crafting their own goods, especially in my world where magic items will not be as commonplace as they are in a usual campaign.

In brief:

1) Easier to understand.
2) Amalgamted information.
3) Easier to acquire components.
4) Cheaper costs.

All this places greater control back into the hands of the player and (hopefully) makes crafting a worthwhile experience instead of wasting prcious time, skill points and gold just to create an item that can be found in the "Rescue The Farm Girl" module. ;)

If I had not done this, then I too would have considered crafting a bit of a waste of time and effort for not much reward. ;)


Jclef said...

I'm right behind you, Amraphael - I never crafted a single thing in the OC, MotB, or SoZ.

Then again, I'm not a min/max sorta player. Give me a weapon and I'll give you blood! ;)

E.C.Patterson said...

I've only crafted in SoZ and I found the new system sort of fun, and a good way to get original weapons and equipment that match my party's feats. IIRC, the loot in SoZ is pretty run of the mill otherwise.

It's still somewhat of a burden to manage and hunt for recipes and reagents so I don't get into it all that much.

I'm finding too that crafting useables (wands, scrolls, items) can be extremely $$$.