Thursday, November 5, 2009

My PreOrder Dragon Age has arrived!

Today a little package showed up in the mail. I pre-ordered Dragon Age to have it first of all kids on the block and I had it delivered to my work. Unfortunately most of my friends bought it in the store before me... Well, that life to night I'll be playing it until my eyes bleed. With just a short break for some polishing of an area I've been working on for Wyrin's, White Plume Mountain module.

Call me a fool but I ordered both the PC and XB0X 360 version. The PC version for the toolset and the 360 for playing in the living room on a large screen. Expensive, of course, but I can afford it as I don't go skiing or partying three times a week or buy new clothes every month (even I my wife would like me to). I also want to support Bioware for making great games in the past and hopefully a superb game this time.

Back soon on with a first impression report


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