Sunday, March 25, 2012

ZORK - RtGUE now on the Neverwinter Nexus

In an attempt to save the ZORK - Rediscovering the Great Underground Empire for future gamers I have uploaded it to the Neverwinter Nexus site. My work is still on the Vault as well and I'll answering questions about it there too. I also hope that it will reach some of the new players that are more familiar with the Nexus than the Vault.

Here's the link

Update 2014-02-17
New link



Anonymous said...

Immensly enjoyed playing RtGUE.. do you have any future plans for more Zork games? Try crowd sourcing for Zork II maybe?

Amraphael said...

I can tell you a little secret. On my hdd there is a folder named Z2_Z3. Inside it are a complete backawards enginering project of Zork II. It also contains a NWN2 structure with all areas. The bad news are that it will never see the light. It all comes down to de fast decline of the NWN2-community. I've even thought about doing a NWN1 version. But no. I'm not THAT crazy

I'm very thankfull that you enjoyed the enormous amount of hour I spent recreating Zork I.