Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing the Witcher 2 on console

As a newbie father to a level 0.5 rouge/mage of 10 months gaming suffers quite a bit. The old Xbox 360 has become my savior. After playing through Mass Effect 1-3 where part 3 was a big disappointment I got myself Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings. Theres lots of things to love about that pretty easy going action role-playing game. And a handful of stuff that I don't like at all.  On the positive side (don't take offense now all of you in the states) It's different, it doesn't feel pretty Hollywood or technicolorish at all. That's of course because it's mostly made in Europe and has that dirty, gritty aura. The story is okay and the combat vs storytelling balance is nice. It looks very good in the old Xbox 360, surprisingly good. The things I don't like is the adult themes. I like sex, very much thank you. But when presented in a game it's importent that it makes sense. Okay, you can have sex for fun without reason but if you want it into a game you can't just make it so lame. It's like they wanted it in because of sex sells +18 games but they were to shy to make it really interesting or fun. The other things is that all of the environment, soundscape NPCs are so nicely made. The towns feel so real and living. BUT the NPCs are so boring to talk and interact with and because they look and moves real the disappointment gets greater when they open their mouths.

But this isn't a review just wanted to tell you that I'm still alive and consoles are great for causal gaming. BTW every Tuesday my gaming group still play Baldur's Gate 2 and the expansion for a few hours. It's a huge game and we play it slow and don't miss a single XP :)

See ya all


Kamal said...

Not sure "impotent" was the word you meant... :)

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Amraphael,

I agree with you about the "adult" theme used in the Witcher series.

I have started The Witcher 1, and can say that I would have preferred the game without any "Adult" content, and in that I include the language used too.

It's a game, and I enjoy "innocent fun" thanks. :)


Amraphael said...

@Kamal - Hehe, freudian key-slip.

Amraphael said...

Follow up: Didn't finish the game. After about 80% and I lost my interest in the stor.