Monday, February 17, 2014

It's pretty dead on the CRPG front at my house.  We are waiting for the gold release of Divinity - Original Sin from Larian Studios mainly because of the possibility of a working co-op multiplayer but also because the might be some sort of toolset for it. It looks a bit pretty in a familiar way even if I would prefer a less cartonish look.

Our computer gaming group has gone boardgame for the moment. Once a week we spend 2 hours playing some new games and some old favorites. Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games has become a favorite as it's pretty easy going but at the same time challenging. And of course -  it's co-op against the game.

Boardgaming suits me right now as having two small, but really smart kids tend to interrupt our evening gaming every now and then. I have great hope though, the 2-year old, understands the concept of throwing dices and taking turns and he can identify most of the monsters and the continents. Last week he got his first own BIG D20 and a bunch of large colorful D6's. And he keeps asking if he's 7 seven years so he can play with mum and dad. I just can't wait :)

Take care!



Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Divinity game ... I made a note of that one!


gta v cheats pc said...

he might not be as funny as some of the other dudes, but I don't find him any less entertaining than brad on these. I love all of the giant bomb crew and I feel like their personalities mesh well together. If it's ryan and vinny on a quicklook, everything is jokes jokes jokes (which is fine on the podcast, but I watch these to learn a little bit about the game). as far as him giving out wrong info, remember that they've only put a couple hours into these games, so they're still learning too.