Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finished playing Tomb of Horror Revisited

Last night me, my wife and a friend finished Tomb of Horror Revisited by BM Productions.
I'm sorry to say that I can't really understand the 41 votes and an average score of 9.2

Okay, it's both single and multiplayer. That's worth a lot. It's a pretty good conversion of the PnP adventure and that's worth something too. But in my and my party's opinion a really boring module for CRPG. In a PnP setting the DM can give that extra a long dungeon crawl needs but this mod does nothing of that. It's just forever re-spawning monsters, not so interesting area design and lot's of separating the party by teleporting them somewhere far away from each other.

On the upside, there's few bugs, a walkthrough and... no I can't find anything more. I'll give it a 5.0.

Okay, what's on the play list for our small party now. It's Indira Lightfoot's Trial and Terror.
Here's a shot of my fighter/berserker/weapon specialist with a funky crown on his head and my friend the crazy cleric. My wifes character is away shopping, of course... (or stealing). Just played a few hours but I'm already in love with this module. Nice looking, interesting, challenging (and I don't even like +15 high level adventuring).

See you!


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

I think the problem is people are stuck a little bit in the old ways of scoring (from NWN1 days) and before a standard was added to help people score a module. While I have not played the ToHR, I have started to play others and have wondered why they scored so high. I don't think I have ever finished one completely, but have scored on ones if I have done a fair amount. (Excluding the competition mods.)

And of course, the problem is, if you try to score according to the system laid down, one can come across as a bit low in the scoring and appear to buck the trend.

Also, builders tend to appreciate what can and cannot be done with the toolset and may see things differently from players.


Josh said...

I have played the NWN2 conversion but I have played the NWN1 conversion. NWN1 version was interesting enough.

But I agree, there's some mods and other content that gets rated too highly. I rate things on quality, yet the Rust Monster is rated a 9.97. It was the first NWN1 conversion on the Vault, but the quality was severely lacking on it. Shouldn't be near a 10, imo.

Amraphael said...

The score doesn't really matter to me I just was baffled about it because it differed so much from our opinion after finishing it.

I've also played the NWN1 version long ago and I as remember it as a quite pleasant experience.