Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uploading the Placeables pack to NWVault

It took quite some time to prepare them, but now there's a pack with a total 110 parts from the ZORK module awaiting approval on the NWVault.

It's up!
Here's the download link.

Some previews:



E.C.Patterson said...

Lots of awesome stuff in there! I'll definitely use the trap door, and will try to find a place for that airship (as a miniature)... and maybe that picture of the bald guy with the goatee. :)

Had you also made placeables for the Halloween mod? I remember a glass case, or was that put together with OEI stuff?

Also would like to see your portable lantern and candlestick added to your light source pack. I thought those were great.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Absolutely great!

Thanks for releasing these A! - even though I ended up getting most sorted myself in the end, it's still good to have it done "officially".


Frank Perez said...

That's some really sweet stuff you've uploaded at the Vault. I'd love to use some of those placeables in Shattered Dreams. Thanks for these.

Amraphael said...

Thanks, man! I'll absolutely upload the other stuff as soon as I can get some time.

Amraphael said...

@Lance B and Frank Perez
Thank you. I'd be honored if my stuff shows up in some of your works.

Shaughn said...

Very nice, I've download the the trap door and will be looking at ways to make secret treasure holds for the player to find using it.

Thanks for releasing these.

Wyrin said...

glad you included the painting from the art room that the player can do themselves!
great work.

Jclef said...

Thank you for this, Amraphael - I'll be using some of these for sure!!