Saturday, August 29, 2009


I don't really know if people have found their way here. Maybe it's just that I've not yet published something interesting. So here's a couple of screen shots. And NO, I'm not working on a new module or PreFAB. I just need something to do when relaxing from writing on my book. Something that goes really slow. I need more discipline!


Wyrin said...

wow that looks amazing - the lighting is exellent

awful shame if you didn't use it and let it go to waste.... ;)

Jason said...

That is shaping up to look really nice!

You can run, but you can't hide. :)


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Oh boy!

If this is the result of you just "messing around" to pass some time, then you put me to shame when it comes to area design. :(

As I said once before, your area designs are remarkable and inspirational. And if ever you want to "pass some time" working on areas for someone else, then please add me to your list of contacts. ;)

I am not an artist. You are!


Anonymous said...

as found her way here"


going to play Zork soon! I have been untangling myself from tons of other things. I missed just being a player! I would like to do your interview though :) bbl once I've played the module!

Congrats Amrapheal!


Starwars said...

Come on Ampraphel... The modding flame still burns. Pour some more gasoline on it. :p

Looks really excellent. Like Wyrin said, the lighting is really awesome.

Jclef said...

Sweet looking island, Amraphael - great composition with the buildings and docks!

Amraphael said...

Yes, wouldn't it be a shame to not use it.Especially now when it's populated with citizens, lights that turns on and of. Shops opening and closing. And the lighting is even better now. Yeah, a real shame...

Hide, where? Can't see anything. Must have been a rouge.

It's like crochet work, Your hands are busy, but the mind is free. I find it really relaxing to building areas. If I get serious and dedicated free time I give you a shout.

Oh, hi! Long time! Hope you'll enjoy Zork. Interview, Sounds great!

Lots of flames burning nowadays... But I'll stick to designing a couple of areas for now.

Thanks, It's in a really early stage but it turns out nice.

E.C.Patterson said...

Ooh, nice. For sure this has to be turned into a prefab at least.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull! And thanks for ZORK it was amazing!!!!!!