Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back again

No big news on the module building front. I sort of gave up on combat balancing. Then amazing things started to happen:
  1. I fell an hit my head really bad
  2. ...and my knee cap got some pretty mosaic
  3. I got the famous flu. 16 days in the bed
  4. Then I had a bicycle accident where I hit my head - again
  5. Four broken ribs
  6. Two broken fingers (on my right hand) and a cracked wrist
  7. Lots and lots of more pieces in my knee cap mosaic
  8. My shoulder has a hairline crack that feels like tooth ache
  9. I got really bored and resigned from my job - sort of - because that evening I found myself mysterious employed again and felt strangely cheated.
Yesterday I had a small opening ceremony for my long awaited home office. It's really cool and useful and I did some left handed toolset activities. Well, it was mostly some looking around at my pretty areas. I'll give the combat balancing a second chance.

BTW I saw that ZORK was #10 on the top modules. That is really surprising and a bit weird. Probably just because the Ironic God of Statistic was bored. But be sure, it'll never hit hall of fame :)

[EDIT OCT 8 2009] That didn't last long. Now the module is down to #11. Please vote to make the impossible possible :)



Jclef said...

I can't believe you've sustained all those injuries. You must look like Bruce Willis at the end of a Die Hard movie. Also, you must have like... 200 hit points! ;)

E.C.Patterson said...

Wow, that is an unusual string of incidents. Amazing and terrible at the same time. Sounds like you still have your spirits up and your sense of humor though, which is good of course. Take care now, and I don't say that lightly. ;)

Amraphael said...

@Jclef anb E.C
That's my life in a sentence - a long row of unexpected and strange events.

I really looked cool, like Bruce Willis, with all the bandages and bruises but now everything has an mustard-yellowish tone and only look disgusting like some kind of puppy poo.

My HP for the moment is about [15/232] and my DEX is -3 with a -2 penalty, as always.

Will try to take it easy for a while, at least until my bicycle is repaired.

Wyrin said...

OMG, well glad you're at least in one piece after all that, albeit held together by bandages and sticky tape form the sound of it!

I'll chip in on a remove curse for you. get well soon, and maybe use the rehab time to delve into the toolset more..??

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Goodness me!

All those rolls of 1's in a row! At least you must have to have sustained all those injuries. ;)

Hope your new job goes well. :)


P.S. Did you manage to fix the light problem between all your accidents? ;)