Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cut them down!

What have I been up to lately? Nothing much at all. Have been sick and home for almost three weeks(!). Fever, headache and such. No, it's not the famous flu, there's still a chance to catch that too :) The last week I've been so well that I've spent three, four hours with the toolset. Without a clue about what I'm doing I've built a sewer with some creatures that my thief Lyssa and her companion Armon Swift can chop into pieces. I must admit that combat balancing is my very weak spot. I have not a clue how to do it as I never DMed PnP just played (always complaining about the balance of course). Maybe there is some calculator that I can put in my single character or all of my party's characters on one side and on the other I put for example an Ogre and the calculator says: "Well my friend, there's somewhere between 10-15% chance that your character dies"

Oh well, I just play with the toolset. It's kind of fun experimenting with walkmeshes and such.

Here's 2 screen shots from a raid against an underground Orc camp.

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dwarvendervish said...

All these random screenshots look great! You should make/release something err... "simpler and more normal" (read: less time-consuming) than Zork to utilize them properly :)

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...


I left a comment on your "Lights" download regarding the "lantern stick" effect. Did you manage to see that?

Just wondered if the effect could be fixed or not?