Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some kind of greatings

The snow is here! -13 degrees (8.6F) so the trees are glittering of frost. We've struggled with transporting a huge silver fir through the house and it's now unfreezing itself in the living room. I don't kidding it's the biggest damn tree ever to enter this house. Tomorrow we'll dress it so that even Liberace (click here younglings)would have been embarrassed. And at Thursday it's the day of the year. Yeah, I know, everywhere in the western world you celebrate on the 25th but here in Sweden the big day is the 24th. One theory is that the partying at the yule sacrifice wasn't so popular among the church's people when the religion shifted from the multi-god to the mono-god system so it merged with the fasting tradition that ends the 24th. That way the practical commoners could both party away on ham, beer and other nice things and be pious. You know, don't shift horse mid-stream. Who will punish you most Thor, Odin and the other guys for not eating pork and being drunk or the new kid on the block, big J, for not being a clean living individual?

Well what I really wanted to say is:
Where ever you are, whatever you celebrate this time of the year - Have a great holiday and play many games, both digital and... the other stuff what it was called back then!



Jclef said...

Happy Holidays, Amraphael!

Starwars said...

God Jul Amprahel!

Even down here in Skåne there's been a moderate amount of snow. I really hope it will stay over Christmas at least. It doesn't happen very often The weather here has been amazing today. Clear blue sky, no wind at all and a wonderful biting cold.

I shall be amusing myself with E.C Patterson's Trinity beta, among other things. :)

Wyrin said...

snow's arrived with us too in the UK - and as usual the country grinds to a halt! I made it into work last week and I have the furthest distance to travel !

Have a great Christmas!

Nacaal said...

O Thor, the Thunderer, Mighty and merciless, Spare us from smiting!”


It is snowing in Milan as well. I honestly hate it!!!

E.C.Patterson said...

Same to you Amraphael, and all you guys!

Please post a pic of that giant Liberace tree! I want to see.