Thursday, December 31, 2009

Keep your eyes open!

As you may know the NWN2 GPS module, Trinity is soon to be released. If you don't know about it check out this blog! I've been one of the lucky to be able to play this one before the release as part of a just-before-release-test and I just have to say it's a real blast. I won't ruin anything by telling what it's all about but so much I can tell it's an instant classic and one of the best composed NWN2 modules I played so far. E.C. Patterson has done a great job making it challenging, interesting, fun and even very good looking with lots of details, custom content and new ideas. As a bug hunter and helping hand I wasn't too brilliant as I didn't find any big problems or bugs. It could be that E.C. had done a great job washing out all issues before pre-releasing it to us testers, of course :) It felt really solid.

Anyway this is what I recommend you to start out the new year with. Keep your eyes open, download it and play, You won't regret it. And as always. If you download it - vote for it!

Tomorrow I'll start playing it again and enjoy it from a player only perspective.

Happy New Year to all of you!


Jclef said...

Hell yes - I'll be keeping my eyes open wide for this one!

E.C.Patterson said...

Thanks Amraphael! Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know before starting a new game. I'll get you the most recent version!