Thursday, January 21, 2010

NWN / NWN2 and other things

time flows and soon it's February. I'm floating around reading blogs and forums about new modules, discussions about DA:O vs NWN2. Between work and sleep I play DA:O, playing with the toolset without any real direction to go. I also laborating with the NWN2-toolset. Moving the lines of impossible to see where everything breaks. I'm trying to help some fellow builders whenever I find time. And I've started to play SoZ with my wife, still playing the OC with my gaming group. Finding that I really miss having a purpose with building. Zork took so many hours of my life and I will never do anything so stupid again, but there's a big hole after it.

I'm really happy to see that Bouncy Rock and jclef has got Misery Stone out and it would probably reach the NWVault any moment now. I'll grab it tonight and start feasting on it as I'm home alone. Great effort BR guys!

Here's a screen shot I took a early on in the game. So far everything is so damn polished and beautifully scary as I ever could have imagine this module to be.

Now to what I happen to notice. It was ages since I visited the NWVaults NWN(1) section and I browsed around to see if there's something going on and noticed that during 2009 there was 158 community module releases!!! Lots of them seemed to have been received very well. Then I had to take a look at the 2009 NWN2 modules. They were 57 and a not so small amount were tests, prefabs and concept modules. Seems that DA didn't kill the old NWN at least. It was nice to see that there was lots of new NWN1 modules 2010. I'm thinking about installing my old friend and maybe try out some of the D20 modern modules.

About DA. I've started a new game and played Mage for a while but got back to my original Fighter campaign. I think I've changed my mind. The re-playability isn't so good after all. And I don't find myself so interested in the add-ons and the Awakening Expansion pack. I still have a tiny hope for an Multiplayer addon in the next generation. But I feel slightly empty on that part too. A bit like after watching movie Avatar. Nice experience, but then... shouldn't it be something more...?

What new game will I eagerly long for now? What forum and blogs will I visit and read all nights. Will I meet new friend and talk about building new exciting stuff? What adventures will I dream about playing a part in?



Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

You are in an enviable position of not having to do something, but simply enjoy what is out there. :)

If you ever want to try something different (and older NWN1), you could try my Soul Shaker mod. It is *very* different from anything else released and is a love or hate mod. ;) One has to adapt to its style early on or its a quick game over.

Thanks for the ehads up on Misery Stone. Somehow lost track of that one.


E.C.Patterson said...


And the big hole.

I know what you mean.

I don't see myself in another "home" yet though...