Saturday, January 30, 2010

Numerology and personal matters

Nowadays I seldom look back into the ZORK-RtGUE page at NWVault other than if someone has made a comment (which isn't too often). But when I looked a noticed that of the single, first release there had been 1980 downloads(!). It must mean something as 1980 is the year when Infocom's first release of ZORK I. But it's still not so strange as staying on #11 on the NWN2 Top Modules after gem's like Trinity and Misery Stone have been release. It's a niche module. dammit!!! No one should download it! Only old hoarheads like myself. I'm really glad though and would like to thank all the nice people who did.

More on the numero-thingie-topic. Yesterday it was my 3333th day as at my company. And I got fired :) I had it coming long time, eventually. Doing the right thing for the right reasons comes with a price tag and a corporate silver bullet. And it felt great and probably was how raise dead spell would feel- I'm tired but glad to been brought back to the world of living.

As a regualr OotS reader (you should also be one) I has to quote Belkar (who is my second favorite character):

"I can see now that everything I want out of life is right there, I just need to reach out and grab it. Everyone tried so hard to block my path - and in the end, all they really did was to force me to learn how to climb mountains.
- All the better from which to pee on them."

Thanks for reading boy and girls


Wyrin said...

hehe Belkar is awesome ;) Have you tried the OotS board game? It's quite a good laugh

Hope the job thing isn;t too much of an issue and you have other irons in the fire. But your employer's loss is the toolset's gain, huh?

some am I picking up hints you have some projects on the go..??

Amraphael said...

Yeah he rocks. If fact I've got two(!) of the OotS board games. The sent me double for the price of one when I ordered and it was more expensive for them to pay for the return than let me keep it. It's a pretty decent game and a big laugh at times. Unfortunately it's most fun for Oots-readers so putting together a party to play with can sometimes be hard.

The job thing isn't a biggie as my role was the lawful paladin standing up for my employees against a greedy bunch of owners. ;) At least that's my version of this tale.

New projects... maybe not...or... I won't dare to venture into something too big yet.

Nacaal said...

Sorry to hear that about your job, Amraphael. It really sucks, actually. And it sucks even more because this kind of disadventure happen way too frequently to the detriment of "lawful paladins" instead of the greedy villains.

I like to believe it is because there is no distributive justice, but there will be retributive justice, eventually.

Best of luck to you, and remember a dutch "paladin" motto: "heer and geweeten". which is something along the lines of "honour and consciousness"

Amraphael said...

Thanks Nacaal.
It isn't too bad to not be working my butt off 15-18 hours per day. It gives time for retrospective thinking, peace and an overall feeling of freedom.

And it do feel good when thinking about doing things for the right reasons and not dodge, letting other people take 12d20 damage without understanding why. When I'm free to speak about it [damn lawyers :) ] I'll gloat and be very specific about it to anyone that cope to listen to it.

Hope LoL is going forward!

E.C.Patterson said...

Sorry about the job loss, but it doesn't sound like you're living it like much of a loss so I don't think much commiseration is actually warranted!

I do hope that you find paid work that pleases you sometime soon however, as like it or not, most of us do need to work for our livelihood!

But I don't doubt the rest and reflexion time for now is much welcome!

Looking forward to hearing what else you'll be up to.

(And looking forward to you spilling the beans about your former job! I love hearing workplace gossip (but NOT spreading it!), even if I'm not concerned in anyway!)

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Still reading - yes! :)

Sorry to hear you lost your job. While not exactly the same, I gave up my job once because they were trying to get me to work on a Sunday (against my beliefs). They were making my life difficult although not actually outright saying it was because of this.

Other projects ... Does the one I'm on ever end? ;)

I try not to think that far ahead or I would shrivel up at the thought of how much I still have to do.

And I'm still looking for area design expertise help if you need anything to help fill some time. :)