Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What will you do now?

Hey, somebody still dropping by this blog to see no new posts?

I'm curious, what will you do/play after NWN2?

Of course 2010 may be the best year ever when it comes to delivering modules that has been in production like forever. But when you have played all modules you've been waiting for, delivered your carefully constructed module, and finished Dragon Age?

For me the last 12 years has been a chain of playing, waiting and socializing, playing again
  1. - Played BG and waited for the Sword Coast-expansion
  2. - Played Planescape: Torment while waiting for BG II and Icewind Dale
  3. - Played BG II, waiting for NWN
  4. - Played NWN for a long, long time (built lots too) while drooling after NWN2
  5. - Played NWN2 and sort of waited for DA:O
  6. - Still playing NWN2 and DA:O
  7. - ...

But now I don't really know what to wait for or expect.
Please drop an old "on the dole"-CEO a comment and let me know.

Thanks for (still) reading!


Jason said...

Any interest in joining a DA modding team? :)


Wyrin said...

Forge your own path?

I'd be surprised if you didn't find that after finishing building you don't feel the need to stretch your creative muscles again

Once I finish WPM, I'm wondering what will become of me. DA:O hasn't really captured my imagination much. Alpha Protocol could do. The optimist in me has hopes for more NWN2 stuff.

But one thing i should do is spend less of my free times sat at a desk on the toolset, and more getting fresh air and exercise. NWN2 probably hasn't been good for my waistline...

E.C.Patterson said...

#7: Play more NWN2 while waiting for NWN3. ;)
Once the SP mods are exhausted there are still the PWs out there!

Seriously, I'm also wondering what my #7 will be. Right now I'm still supporting Trinity (but the flame isn't burning very, very strongly I'll admit), and PLAYING again, which feels really good: SoZ (+addon), Bioshock 1, Assassin's Creed 1, Fallout 3... I'll be playing more NWN2 and then am even thinking of trying some of the great NWN1 mods I never played.

(Alot of my free time these days is actually spent sccouring the net for a home exchange in Southern France for a couple of weeks this summer! Know anyone? ;) )

Eventually, I presume, the creative urge will come out again. I've got some NWN2 mod ideas, maybe help out on some NWN2 project, or DA project...

But I know I HAVE to create to be happy, and the medium of video games is one of the perfect outlets for me.

Let us know where your reflexion takes you. I just hope we don't "lose" you anytime soon. :)

Amraphael said...

drop me an email. I believe you have my address(?)

Your probably right. And fresh air is good also. But like the little child I am inside, I love to wait and wish for a fabulous present for Christmas. In my case, THE CPRG of my dreams. To follow the blogs, and forums and the previews. Alpha Protocol... maybe. It doesn't really attract me but maybe...

NWN3, well I believe it when I see it :) But it would sure be a pleasant surprise. Playing every new mods are always an option and going back to NWN1 (even if it will feel very old) is on my list. I've promised to play the NWN1 version of Zork for comparison. Mass Effect 2 could be an option too.

Nope no connections in France any longer. But it sure sounds nice. Good luck with your search.

Jason said...

I wasn't sure about your e-mail so I used the one linked to your vault account. I hope it reaches you well.


Nacaal said...

Whatever you guys do now, I trust you won't forget to help noob NWN2 modders with your experienced advice! ;-)