Friday, March 5, 2010

Area design problems

After finishing the encounters in prison and writing some poor conversations that just contains the key-lines, I started to work with the Keep-area. I decided to go with an early winter setting as I thought it would be fun to make. The castle is built with bricks from the BCKII-hak. Then I started to get problems. The tiles won't line up as I want. It seems there is a rounding problem with the orientation/heading values. That causes walkable placeables to no line up perfectly and the walkmesh are brokesn. It only shows up when saving the area so I didn't really understood what was going on at first. I'm not really sure how to solve it as I really want cool orc archers running around the roof and the PC's being able to go up to take them down close combat-style. Below is some early shots.

Thanks for reading, as always


Jason said...

I'm not sure I understand your problem exactly, but if you're using BCK you will want to enter in the coordinates by hand for lining up the walkable floor tiles correctly. I suggest starting at a nice even location too. Put the first floor tile in the general vicinity and then round the coordinates to end in all zeroes. I would then copy and paste that floor tile and re-enter the coordinates manually to place it adjacent to the previous one. There are a few hiccups in my Empath Abbey prefab, but all in all it works pretty well. You can check it out here if you want an example to go by:

One other thing I noticed is that the walkmesh tends to bake better if your tiles are placed in consecutive fashion so that each new one you place down is adjacent to whatever one was previously laid down. In other words, don't skip around when placing the floor tiles, make sure the next one you put down is next to the previous one.

Finally, turn any of your wall pieces into environmental objects so that the toolset only has to bake the walkmesh for the walkable floor pieces and see if that helps. You can always use a walkmesh cutter later to prevent walking through the walls.

Good luck.


Jclef said...

I've never worked with the BCK, so I can't offer you any assistance, but I will offer this:

"Keep" up the great work! :P

(Seriously, I'm looking forward to this module of yours)