Saturday, March 6, 2010

About NWN2 orientation rounding

Yesterday I wrote a little about my problem with walkmesh alignment. I suspected something with the heading value being screwed up when saving or baking. Then I read the BCKII manual, Quoting:

" The NWN2 toolset rounds the orientation (in radiant, not degree) every time you save the area or the module. When you reload the area or the module, the rounded values are applied. For example, a rotation of 90 degree will become 90.000206 degree. Since it is not perfect 90 degree, it will cause the Imperfect Alignment problem above."

To add to this I've noticed that when I adjust the heading again from for example the rounded "90.000206" to "90" the size of the placeable is automatically adjusted to "1, 0.91, 0"! When building Zork in version 1.21 I can't remember seeing that.

Now of to build a hidden archer object that fires from the window slots of the keep.

See you!

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Anonymous said...

This actually explains a long standing problem I've had! One of my areas has a stair case that needs to be personally replaced each time I bake the area--it's really quite awkward, to be honest.

This explains it. Lousy decimal places...