Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still playing

That's right. I'm still playing with my little module. It's pretty fun to do things I've never done properly before. The combat scene at the keep is really challenging but in my opinion too short. I really would like the courtyard battle to take about 5 minutes which is pretty long when fighting. But I believe the balance is right as my test party are worn down and once in three times someone gets killed. In a super short adventure like this one it's important to keep up the action and do everything very well. One funny thing is that my test companions started to talk to me. No I'm no crazy! They just started to say things like this;
"I don't like that you keep calling me Level_5_Cleric_without_Raise_Dead. I want a real name!" and;
"You know, I'm a real thief and I think you should consider me as a vital part of this adventure..."
So now they have names like; Irelove, Hollyshard, Grahand and Belitin and will all be available as companions. Even if they don't have any fat conversation trees attached to them, I like them. Good friends that are nice to travel a bit with. I even like the grumpy wizard, Beltin. It's kind of fun that he's so boring that he almost fades away in the snow.

That's all for now
Have a nice weekend

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