Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm not dead - not last time i looked at least.

No modding at all. Not that I have given up. I just had so many other things to do. Playing for example. Have been playing and finished Mass Effect 2. I enjoyed most of it even if I suck in the action parts. Got better towards the end though.

Still playing Dragon Age both on console and PC, but after MS2 everything looks so pale and stiff. Playing NWN2 OC with my friends (I'm surprised that I forgot so much of it) and have started to play Slowdive_Fan's Chronicles of Charnia - Lanterna with my other NWN gaming group. I've ordered Fallout 3 and Assassins Creed 2 so I have something to fill the late nights with.

I'm playing/testing Wyrin's upcoming module every now and then but I'm a lousy tester because I don't find any big problems. It shows great promise and it's the next module for me and my friends.

Not working have some big ups. Gardening, painting, renovating the house, meeting people, relaxing and being an overall better person. And as the money still show every month life is pretty good. I've some ideas on what my next professional project will be so I'm not worried. But there's still three months of lovely freedom left.

Writing on my book is a different story, not a singe line yet. :)

Missing blog-chatting with all of you out there!

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Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

I recently bought ME2 myself (after getting some cash back on a bunch of old games). I'm still playing ME1 though at the moment and that keeps getting put on hold as I try to do more work on the module.

Writing ... yes, I try to do that as well. Last tried about 10 years ago though! Only got two chapters into my second book when NWN came along and gobbled up my spare time.

(My first book canbe downloaded from my blog if you are ever interested.)

DA I have yet to buy, but as I have recently downloaded a ton of free retro games, I am not in any hurry for any more just yet. :)

Same old story ... so much to do and look at with so little time.