Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LoWPM continued

Our weekly Legacy of White Plume Mountain - session continues... Yesterday our little group gathered on the plains west of Soubar to rest before entering the Dungeon of Swords. I believe the Encounter Level is about 13 or 14 and our group is way below that. But we like it rough. The area outside the dungeon were really beautiful and challenging. The terrain and the smart placing of encounters forced us to work out a good strategy to keep my sorcerer and our rouge alive. Remember, we don't have any good fighters in the team. Our cleric has to take on all the hard melee combat on her own. After a long hard fight we cleaned up the area and did some foraging and loot collection. We also needed to spend some gold on resurrecting our rouge and our beloved packhorse before we could rest. Then we entered the dungeon which first level was very nicely designed and had some really difficult encounters. I didn't take long for me to use up all my spells and I was really glad to have my sling +1 and some bullets +2. It took quite awhile to capture the first level and we decided to go back to camp and fix our wounds until next week. This little session took 2,5 hours which is in my opinion a perfect length when you play with friends on your own LAN. This also mean that we will have lots of Tuesdays with LoWPM ahead. And that's great!

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