Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going back in time: The Temple of Elemental Evil

Bought this classic of the Interweb yesterday. The price was ridiculously low, just $5.99 (about 4 Euro).
I've installed it on a tiny virtual Win XP machine so I can play it easily whenever and where ever I want. And it's a blast. It took me a few moments to get used to the 2D view but now I can't stop playing it. I have a really short memory so the story seems fairly fresh. I also noticed that GOG has NWN1 Diamond for download for just ten bucks.

Aw man, I must work a little bit too. Please, just a little bit more...



Jclef said...

That was a fine game - I loved the combat system. It was damn hard though!!

Wyrin said...

I loved the combination of roleplay and strategic combat in that - how you could have fighters with reach weapons holding doorways and protecting spellcasters in ways that other games haven't pulled off as well - in my mind a key part to differentiating classes in D&D above their simple stats and abilities. Geat game. Just sad I've played it to death now but I'd love to see other stuff in that engine

BTW check out the Circle of 8 mods too