Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dungeon Siege 3 - A new Diablo?

I my search for some future gaming fun I've been keeping my eye on Obsidian's upcomming Dungeon Siege 3. First I thought it was a great idea to merge Obsidian's experience of CRPGs with the pretty but shallow DS-series. Not very much has been released about the game but so far I'd say they stick with the old recipe and serves us a Diablo++. That's not a bad thing. I had some fun hours with Diablo as with DS and DS2 but it's not something I get "Give me, give me, give me" over. Here's the first gameplay video. Nice looking but please OEI give us a new a Planescape Torment or Icewind Dale-kind of game and story! We really need that.

See you all!


Kamal said...

The problem is Blizzard is going to be serving up some Diablo++. I don't know about release dates but if DS3 is around/after D3 it's not going to get much love unless D3 is terrible (and given Blizzard that's not very likely).

Jclef said...

Wow, so Square Enix is publishing instead of Microsoft and Obsidian took over for Gas Powered games? Should have just given it a new title, I mean... all of these h&s games are essentially clones anyways haha.

Hmmm - yeah, I'll probably stick with Torchlight and Deathspank until Diablo 3 arrives. I might pick DS3 up when it goes on sale.

A new Icewind Dale game would insanely cool. Bring back Black Isle and Michael Hoenig!

Starwars said...

There is a cam presentation of the game somewhere, just them going through a dungeon and showing the game off a bit. Thought it looked really nice though I'm not crazy about the genre as such.

They've also said that they're gonna keep it a hack'n'slash romp like the other games, but introduce more stories and different choices/consequences (seems to be something Obsidian focusing on a lot lately).

Amraphael said...

@Kamal: Yes, I agree. D3 will probably kick the "S" out of DS3.

@Jclef: I think OEI finally lost it's Black Isle-soul. Neither Fallout LW, Alpha Protocol live up to the standards when it comes to story, mechanics or robustness. I've gone through Torchlight and it was pretty fun and Deathspank is crazy. And yeah Michael H brought us some awesome tracks.

@Starwars: Yes I saw it on youtube. Nice looking but as you I'm not the biggest fan of that genre. I'll wait for DA2 and ME3 and maybe,maybe Star Wars: The Old Republic...