Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Gaming

Me and my wife finished NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate during the holidays. It was a nice module, well made and the story was okay. We encountered a few bugs but only 2 quests remained unsolved.

What should we play now? I bought The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim and thought we could play together taking turns being back seat players shouting and helping :) Skyrim looks great even on my really old PC but it wasn't fun. No it wasn't. Neither of us liked it. I'll probably play it some more and then give it away to a friend. Then my wife said. Please can we play Icewind Dale II again? It's almost 10 years since we played it. She saw that I've been testing it on my iPad. So today we started to play it and it's so damn fun to play. I've installed all possible mods and fixes and run it from our SSDs. Nice looking, fast and a blast!



Wyrin said...

heh i'm replaying IWD2 as well at the moment - just beaten Dragons Eye and the time loop. Great fun. Then thinking of dusting off SoU/HotU. Would love more content for ToEE.

basically my way of saying i want more old style games

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a coincidence. I was replaying IWD2 with a friend of mine as well, taking occasional breaks from League of Legends especially during massive losing streaks.

Except that when I tried to play IWD2, it was such a painful experience to start. It was very crashy and laggy on high-performance computers w/ new graphics cards and Vista/Win7. It still crashes here and there, but I managed to fix the lag by disabling DirectDraw. Currently just finished the Black Raven Monastery.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Amraphael,

There is something about the Elder Scrolls games that I have found a little "tedious" myself. (I have not bought Skyrim yet, and so my comments relate to earlier games only.) Personally, I think it's down to the overall gameplay and the lack of "focus". For while I like the idea of a huge world to explore, I also feel that it damages the pace of the game. I like a good story first, and the ability to explore around the story second. I have not felt this in any ES game I have played to date. Although I must also confess that I am very much more at home with the D&D system.

Hopefully, your wife and you will be able to play my own D&D (NWN) mod together when its complete. If you have two computeres, you should be able to play coop mode as well! Be sure to check it out - you would be a welcome beta tester (if interested) and when the time came.



Amraphael said...

@Wyrin & anduraga: It seems that the classics are in the air this spring. Lots of people are rediscovering or replaying them. We have not encountered any problems or performance problems yet. But ToEE on Win7x64 was almost impossible to play so I installed them into a virtual WinXP instead and that worked fine.

Hi, of course we still wait for Better the Demon. I'll play it with my wife and two friends. The 4 of us have played co-op LAN games together since BG. Speaking of Skyrim I don't like the combat part and the action that comes with it. Maybe I'm just old or something but it takes a bit fun out of the tactical part of it. The "quests" and NPCs are very much like pale paper dolls. Even the one-liner bar wenches in BGII were more colourful and interesting. But the graphics, sound and such just make happy.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Amraphael,

That sounds like an excellent MP setup! And great fun! I think my own first MP gaming experience was BG too.

Hopefully, you won't mind being one of the first to test this in MP for me then. As that is the hardest part to test in making. It's not fun having to copy every file across each time to test, and so I only do MP tests every few months. That said, most of the tests that are needed for MP have been sorted by now.