Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Age of Decadence

This could maybe something wort keeping an eye on. It's a very rare thing, finding out that there is a turn-based fantasy RPG in developement 2012! Will it be good? Will it be interesting? Will it be playable? Will it be released? There's one one thing to know and that's wait and see.

"Centuries after the fall of the empire, the world still rests in an uneasy balance, where even myths and fables deceive. A name on an ancient map brings back the memories of the distant past, turning a myth into unclear reality, and casting the player into political games built on years of discontent and ignorance of the past. Exploring both the legends and the land, you will have an opportunity to learn what truly happened in the past before the war turned civilization to ash or remain ignorant, believing in what you are told. You will be able to make powerful alliances, faithfully serving the interests of your patrons, or manipulating them to reach your own goals. You will have to find out where the map leads to and what is waiting for you at the end. That's where the future of your world and your own future would be determined."

It's called The Age of Decadence by Iron Tower


Starwars said...

I'm in the beta for the demo (there is a combat demo out already, with athe "full" demo hopefully coming out soon) and it won't be a game for everyone.

Closest comparison would probably be Fallout 1 gameplay-wise but it's still pretty different. It's very text-focused, with a *lot* of the gameplay being rather hefty text-adventures/dialogues. There is not a whole lot of "classic" RPG gameplay in it with exploring the world and such. It's very much focused on your character creation and navigating your way through quests using your skillset.

Eguintir Eligard said...

Not sure turn based is something to tout in a game. While I was quite in favor of some throw backs (such as the 2d infinity engine that looked a million times better than the 3d nwn1) taking 10 minutes to have a minor battle is not in my book of fun.

It's more about story and gameplay, not sure it holds up here under this title.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Looks interesting ...

I will keep an eye open for more info and see how it pans out.

Thanks for the heads up!