Saturday, January 28, 2012

Krater - An upcoming Swedish ARPG

It's great to see that the Swedish indie studio FatShark has an action rpg on the workbench. It's called Krater (crater in Swedish) and it takes place in a post apocalyptic Scandinavia. Their own description tell us that:
"Krater is an top-down roleplaying game that combines the combat mechanics of action-RPGs such as Diablo 3 with the top-down tactics of the classic old-school Syndicate and the world exploration of Fallout 2.

Extensive crafting (craft unique abilities, weapons and items) and character persistence where both injuries and experience work in conjunction are key elements to evolve your team over time and get ready to enter into the end-game."

It will be released in 3 episodes, the first during 2012 and it makes me especially happy when they claim it will support both single player and 2-player co-op. As I understand it they will try to involve players as early as possible so getting the hands on a beta testing key would be pretty easy.



Jclef said...

This looks pretty cool. I'll pick it up, for sure. This setting seems like it will be a nice little break from the standard ARPG stuff.

Maybe we will play some co-op! ;)

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Good to hear that it is going to support a Coop mode. That has my interest straight away. I will have to check it out when its out.