Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finnish CRPG: Legend of Grimrock

This brings back memories from long lazy summer days in 1987. Me and a friend played Dungeon Master on his Sharp X68000-something for hours and hours making our parents hope that we would soon return to playing pen and paper games at the kitchen table so they'd understand (something little about) what we were doing.

This spring Almost Human Ltd of Finnland will take us back to that experience with their upcoming Legend of Grimrock. They promise us a dungeon crawl game with great atmosphere, puzzles, combat and RPG elements. I'll give it a try.

Take a look at this teaser:Link

And compare it to this old favorite on a Atari ST:


Kamal said...

And, they talk about a level editor, Nice.

Jclef said...

I've been following this for awhile now. I can't wait to play this one!